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Book Review: Girl In Between by Anna Daniels
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Can a book set in the daggy central Queensland town of Rockhampton rise above its dull and dusty setting to be literary entertainment? Can the tried and tested plot device of a girl having a mid-youth crisis – no job, no man, no ring, no kids – at 32, be compelling? Let’s see, shall we?  Read More

Book Review: The Scarlet Key by Debbie Terranova
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The Scarlet Key is a suburban crime thriller set largely in Brisbane’s well-to-do northern suburbs, including Hamilton, Clayfield, New Farm, and Bowen Hills. The lead character, Seth VerBeek is a crusty investigative reporter for The Morning Post. Read More

Quick Review: “You” by Caroline Kepnes
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How do you separate the subject matter from the enjoyment of a book? If writing is art (and I believe it is) then one of its most important roles is to challenge us, create discussion and drive change. And things can only change when we are uncomfortable. So books that make us uncomfortable – are they good? [WARNING: CONTAINS... Read More