Coming Soon – A Weekly Podcast!

I’m really excited to announce that this August I’ll be launching a podcast!

My co-host is the funny and irreverent Sheila Andrews and we will bring a blend of news and life hacks for others like us – women in their 40s who are looking for tips on how to be a bit more successful at work, a bit more efficient at home and find a bit of time for themselves as well.

We’ll talk about our favourite books, what’s in the news, and Sheila will doubtless try to sneak some updates on The Bachelor in there as well. (I hate The Bachelor!).

It’s going to be about what we’ve learned from the (many) mistakes we’ve made, and sharing our tips on what we’d do differently if we were doing it all over again, along with how we’ll guide our daughters through the same treacherous times.

And Sheila’s hilarious, trust me, you’ll love her.