Welcome! Day 1, Post 1, (Blog #5)

Hello and welcome!

This is a website dedicated to novel writing and all things that support the continued writing of novels, such as successful marketing of novels, successful plotting of novels, successful editing of novels, successful design of cover art for novels, successful… well, you get the picture.

It’s no accident that I launched my blog on 1 November – the first day of #NaNoWriMo. This morning I was up at 5am, coffee beside my laptop, tapping out the first 1667 words of what will hopefully become 50,000.

Are you also writing 50,000 words during November? If you need someone to cheer you on as you embark on the same mighty goals, then I’m your gal! Let’s connect on Facebook, Twitter and Insta! I’ll share my daily updates and progress reports so we can keep each other accountable.

Not writing a novel this November? No trouble – please feel free to stand by and support, or simply observe as I attempt this lunacy. If I win NaNo this year, it will be my first win from two attempts.

A little about me

I am an experienced blogger, launching my very first blog in December 2007. It was a parenting blog, called Mum Said, published for my then-employer News Limited. Since then I’ve had a few different variations on that parenting theme, as well as a couple of small business-focused blogs and even a soap opera blog! Yes, back in the day I was a huge soap opera fan.

This blog is my fifth. So, I guess it’s clear that I love blogging. I enjoy building a community of people who share some of my interests.

There are a few firsts with this blog:

  1. My first email newsletter: I’m using Mailchimp and you can sign up over there to the right of this blog post, on the side panel (please do – I’ve created a freebie for you to download once you sign up!)
  2. My first author platform that is designed to promote my brand.
  3. My first time calling myself a brand: I’ll be honest, I find that whole ‘brand’ thing a little snotty, pretentious and quite creepy. But that’s the lingo that everyone in these circles is using, so I guess that’s what we call it. For now.

My first novel

My novel is roughly plotted out. I’ve tried to write a novel before, but the plot had a ridiculous sticking point that I couldn’t get past, so I’ve put that in a drawer and am starting fresh. I guess this technically could be my second novel, but since I didn’t really get past the plotting of the first attempt, I’m going to call this my first novel.

This one is set in Brisbane (the Australian city where I live – write what you know!) and it is a modern romance with a murder mystery thrown in. If one day a reviewer calls it a “light holiday read” then I’ll be stoked.


I’m attempting to win NaNo this year. That’s the lingo they use and it means to actually complete the 50,000-word challenge. Apparently only one in four who attempt it succeed. This will be my second attempt, but my first *serious* attempt. I’d love to buddy with you – just log in to your NaNo account and search for Felicity Moore, Brisbane.


This is the hashtag I’ll use to keep track of all my writing-related social media posts. I love social media and I love to engage with others on social media, so please connect! (Too needy?)

Oh, and I also…

That’s about it for now. On Saturday mornings I run Parkrun with my family. It’s 5kms at a slow shuffle for me, a bit faster for my kids. Hubby chooses not to participate at the moment, but I think he’ll crack soon. I also crochet and drink champagne.

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